KW 45: Study Commission presents final report on artificial intelligence, AI in advertising, AI for employee surveys


Study Commission presents final report on artificial intelligence: The Study Commission of the German parliament has evaluated the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) for society, the state and the economy in Germany. After just over two years of work, it has now published an inventory with recommendations for action. Many of the recommendations were based on a balance of interests. “For us, when weighing up the opportunities and risks, it was especially important to see the opportunities offered by this technology, and not just the risks,” said Union chairwoman Ronja Kemmer.

Forbes presents the second part of the “next generation of artificial intelligence”: Business magazine Forbes has presented the second part of its series “next generation of artificial intelligence”. It states that in addition to the improvement in data protection through Edge AI, generative AI is a fast-growing new field that focuses instead on building AI that can generate its own novel content. To put it simply, generative AI takes artificial intelligence beyond perceiving to creating. In addition, System-2 is the most effective and compact approach to making progress in AI.

AI in advertising: The use of artificial intelligence is changing advertising and permeating almost the entire world of marketing. AI makes it possible to precisely analyze the target groups and the advertising environment and to link advertising with emotions. For this purpose, digital expert Christina Voigt has developed a system that can assess a user’s interest in buying and assign prices. The customer’s inclination towards a product is compared with media channels such as Facebook, Google or the websites of traditional media.

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AI for employee surveys: The employee survey is a complex craft, as the survey usually has to be evaluated by hand. Such feedback forms can contain multiple choice questions, scales and comment boxes. It can take months for surveys to be evaluated and the mood in the company can shift further. AI-based surveys, on the other hand, can recognize patterns more quickly and provide a remedy for regular employee surveys. By generating the data, the system can learn from any additional information and companies can respond and react more quickly to direct problems.

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Germany calls for tightened AI regulation at EU level: Four months after the EU Commission presented its “white paper” on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the German government said it broadly agrees with Brussels but sees a need to tighten up on security. The government is particularly concerned by the fact that only AI applications with high risk have to meet special requirements.

How Germany uses AI: The report “Automating Society 2020” by AlgorithmWatch and the Bertelsmann Foundation shows that AI systems in Germany have been particularly popular with security authorities. Investigators at the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) use AI to assess the risk of Islamists. Several federal states also use it when determining break-ins, for the evaluation of child pornographic material, as well as for suicide prevention in prisons. A monitoring system in North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, checks an inmate’s cells for suspicious objects such as slings or lighters and warns the on-duty supervisor in case of doubt. The Federal Foreign Office also uses an AI-based system to forecast international trouble spots. The system evaluates political, economic and social data and trends from different countries and regions of the world and makes work easier for employees by processing the data.


„Artificial Intelligence in the Ingolstadt Transport System“ (KIVI) wants to control traffic using AI: The aim of the research project „Artificial Intelligence in the Ingolstadt Transport System“ (KIVI) is to optimize the flow of traffic and increase the performance of the infrastructure and traffic safety for all participants. With the help of artificial intelligence, data sources from cars, public transport vehicles, cyclists and locally recorded sensor data from pedestrians are combined and evaluated. For example, traffic light control should be adapted to the current local traffic volume and implemented in real time. The Technical University of Munich, the Technical University of Ingolstadt, the Artificial Intelligence Network Ingolstadt gGmbH, the Fraunhofer Institute for Traffic and Infrastructure Systems, GEVAS Software GmbH, TTS and Volkswagen car.SW Org are working together on the project.


„One of the AI pioneers once confessed to colleagues that the term ‚Artificial Intelligence‘ sounded good to get research funding. But the fact is that AI is not intelligent and is not on the way to being intelligent at some point. Therefore the term ‚complex computer applications‘ would have been more appropriate.“
Prof. Dr. Thilo Stadelmann from the ZHAW School of Engineering in an interview about “Artificial intelligence is not intelligent” – How do machines learn?


AI camera confuses a referee’s bald head with the ball: An AI camera at a soccer game in Scotland kept tracking a bald referee instead of the ball during a game. The commentator in charge of the game had to apologize as the camera kept on mistaking the ball for the bald head on the sidelines, denying viewers of the real action while focusing on the linesman instead.

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